Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in light frame construction. We also have experience with concrete, masonry, and steel projects. We also work with timber frame manufacturers to provide engineering for shop drawings of timber frames. We also engineer footing and foundations for pre-fabricated metal buildings.

While each project is a little different, you can expect competitive pricing from us. Some things that would add to the cost of engineering include high snow load, stick framed roofs, partially framed daylight basements, large picture windows, non-stacking floors, etc. In order to get a more accurate estimate, email us a copy of the plans.

We will provide structural engineering with a Structural Report to submit to the city. We will also apply our structural marks and details to the plans and provide structural notes and details sheets.

Changes to the plan after the original engineering and drafting has been completed and sent back to the client will result in additional fees. This fee is typically based on the time that we spend engineering and drafting the changes.

Letters addressing changes made to the plans in the field or addressing field mistakes are typically not included in the original fee. Other things such as deferred submittal reviews (truss package reviews, etc) and site visits are not included in the original fees for residential projects. For most commercial projects, the items above are included in the original fees.

We are able to work with drawings drawn in both AutoCAD and Revit. We are able to engineer and draft projects drawn in other CAD programs but require the drawings to be sent to us as .dwg files. Hand drawn drawings are typically not accepted unless drawn by a licensed architect or home designer. We generally do not accept plans drawn by home owners or purchased online. Drawings should be drawn by a home designer or licensed architect.

Turnaround time is a function of the type of job and what other work we currently have in house. However, for a standard residential project you can expect a 5-6 business day turn around.

We are always looking for engineers and drafters to be part of our team. Feel free to email your resume to [email protected] or stop by our office.