Acute Engineering is a structural engineering firm specializing in light frame construction. We focus on residential construction but also support commercial projects that utilize light frame construction techniques. Established in 2002, Acute Engineering is one of the premier light frame construction engineering firms in the west. We have developed tools, programs, and procedures that allow us to provide engineering at a very competitive cost while maintaining quick turnarounds. Whether you are working on a residential home or a commercial project, come see what Acute Engineering can do for you.



Chris Yeates, P.E.


Brandon Decker, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Jacob Ballard, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Client Managers

Alison Simpson, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Brad Ellis, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Connor Jensen, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

George Jacklin, S.E.

Licensed Engineer

Jay Adams, S.E.

Licensed Engineer

Full Time Staff

Ryan Wilkinson, P.E.

Engineer Manager

Alihi Faalafua

Project Engineer

Alijah Cordova

Project Engineer

Andrew Van Every, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Brandon Chambers

Project Engineer

Dylan Hunter

Project Engineer

Grant Johnson

Project Engineer

Hailey Dinkins

Project Engineer

Hannah Van Noy

Project Engineer

Michael Chidester

Project Engineer

Nathan Bell

Project Engineer

Tristan Parker

Project Engineer

Tyler Jensen, P.E.

Licensed Engineer

Will Berger

Project Engineer

Mason Williams

Administrative Service Manager/HR Coordinator

Natalie Bury

Office Manager

Taren McNamara

Drafting Manager

Matt Newitt

CAD Technician

Josh Probst

CAD Technician

Paul Thorley, P.E., S.E.



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